Spiritual Conflict: Walking in Authority


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Spiritual Conflict gives believers a chance to break powers of darkness over their lives, loosening strongholds from the enemy and regaining authority over their lives.

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Have you ever had negative thoughts about yourself, your life, or others? Or been stuck in a place of spiritual darkness with no sort of way out?

This is the way the enemy works. He attacks us with darkness, feelings, and experiences that aren’t our own.

The enemy uses tactics against us to keep us out of a place of thriving. Often we don’t need to hear another sermon, or add another “discipline” to our lives. Sometimes, all we need to do is BREAK the power of darkness over our lives and no longer let the enemy have a stronghold over our emotions or well-being.

Spiritual Conflict will walk you through what it means to take authority over darkness in our lives. It will equip you to begin walking in freedom, and breaking strongholds of the enemy over your life.


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1 review for Spiritual Conflict: Walking in Authority

  1. admin

    Powerful message. Strongly recommend for those struggling with darkness in areas of life and are slowly losing hope! So much hope has been restored in my life…

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