Do What Jesus Did Fieldguide


We have produced the training manual to go with Robby’s recent book “Do What Jesus Did”.  This manual can be used by a single person or in a small group setting.  Included in the back of the book is a training DVD from Robby that goes along with the 10 week training course.



The Church was never meant to contain God.  God is in the streets, pursuing his sons & daughters.  The church was meant to be a training ground equipping, empowering and releasing His people to BE a living tangible encounter of God’s love, the same as Jesus was.

This manual will give you the tools – and then challenge you into weekly activation.  We can only truly understand ourselves, in relationship to the one who made us.  As you encounter the truth of who we are thru His presence, scripture, community and the practice of His gifts – you will move to BECOMING that living encounter of Jesus walking the unpaved roads alongside Him.


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