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As we take the Gospel to the Muslim world

I envision a complete breakthrough in the Middle East, where unequipped church leaders will get the chance to see Christ’s power in the most persecuted countries in the world. We are coming to arm the Middle East with  weapons of love, joy, peace, healing, prophecy and breaking demon power. These are weapons of mass destruction against Satan that will defeat him and the Muslim world will all know Jesus!


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  • Robby Dawkins is one of the most amazing equippers in the body of Christ today and is also my friend. He simply teaches people how to do the things The Word tells us is possible. His tenderness and heart towards Jesus is the full package. I Have known him for years and believe in him and what he represents.

    –Todd White

  • “Robby Dawkins is not only a trusted friend, he has one of the most remarkable ministries I know of anywhere in the world today. His heart for God is very moving. His heart for people takes him to the darkest places of the earth. I love this man. I love this ministry.”

    –Bill Johnson

  • Robby Dawkins is a catalyst for spiritual growth. He is a gifted communicator and helps people breakthrough barriers  of fear and unbelief. In my opinion, He is one of the best equippers for the spiritual gifts in the church. I highly recommend His equipping schools and ministry.

    –Bob Hazlett

  • “Robby is helping everyday people feel empowered by a supernatural God. He is not only a personal friend of mine but someone that inspires me greatly. So how could I not recommend him to inspire you? I encourage you to invite, support, and connect with Robby Dawkins. It will greatly benefit you.”

    –Shawn Bolz

  • “Whenever we have Robby Dawkins here at Bethel, he shares personal testimonies of what God is doing in cities and nations that ignites something in our people. It is a reminder that the power of God is taking place today and we are presently living in a world that is so hungry for a touch from God. I appreciate him and his ministry to equip the Church and the humility that he walks in.”

    –Eric Johnson

  • “The most powerful and miraculous thing about Robby isn’t just the incredible testimonies that come from his ministry. For me, the most powerful thing about him is his heart to see people live fully alive in the promises of God. I’ve experienced firsthand the blessing of his training, faith and encouragement in my life, and It challenges me to do the same.”

    –Pat Barrett