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Robby Dawkins Speaking

God Give Us Ability

“The Blessing of Robby Dawkins” by Tri Robinson Boise VCF

In an effort to rekindle a zeal for the things of the Holy Spirit here in the Boise Vineyard we invited Robby and Angie Dawkins to minister among us for four days.  Robby taught and ministered on Thursday night, spent several hours with our staff on Friday and ministered to our youth that evening.  He taught our multiple services on Sunday and spent the afternoon with our homeless ministry praying for people in the park food lines and then finished with a Sunday night meeting.  We rode him hard and put him away wet as they say here in Idaho.  Robby was very humble and submitted in all he did; he never complained and tirelessly poured himself out into the life of our church.  Each event grew in number and in the intensity of God’s presence.  Robby was an empowered breath of fresh air for the Boise Vineyard. But more than that, I believe he was a blessing for the Vineyard movement at a time such as this.

Mark Fields, National Missions Coordinator for Association Vineyard Churches U.S.A.

Over the last few years Robby and I have traveled and ministered together in both Asia and Europe on several occasions. On each trip I have been impressed, not only with Robby’s ability to hear what the Father is saying, but also to help others, including me, grow in their capacity to hear God. Robby has my highest recommendation.

Rich Nathan, Sr. Pastor of Vineyard Columbus

If you are a pastor and are interested in equipping your congregation to believe for more concerning the Holy Spirit’s activity, not just for us but for the world, invite Robby Dawkins to your church. Robby doesn’t simply conduct “bless me” meetings.  He quips the church to be outwardly focused in the Spirit.  Robby lifted the ceiling in terms of what the people in our congregation now expect God to do through them.  He is a wonderful storyteller, a tremendous risk-taker and respectful collaborator with the local churches leadership team.  I will absolutely invite Robby to return to Vineyard Columbus and can wholeheartedly commend his ministry to you.

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