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Robby Furious Love from robbydawkins on Vimeo.

In 2009 Darren Wilson of Wanderlust Productions contacted me and invited me to come out to a Psychic/New Age fair in Shasta, CA. He was making his second movie “Furious Love”. We simply went to express Christ’s love by praying for and blessing some people practicing different forms of white magic.The above is a clip from that movie showing how God showed up.

Praise God. We were so blessed watching Robby in Furious Love. Months ago I really felt I was supposed to watch it. Went and purchased it and watched it on a Friday night. Saturday night what we watched it again and GOD brought life in the living room. A close friend was set free. The demon came out and Holy Spirit took residence where there once was pain, witchcraft, rebellion, addictions. All those years of suffering were removed and the LORD JESUS CHRIST was Glorified. Thanks!

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