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"God has called me to equip the church in being a greater impact around the world."

-Robby Dawkins

Eighteen years ago, while I was youth pastoring in Atlanta, Georgia, a man came to our church who was recognized by many as a prophet. He gave me a very powerful word that others have since confirmed many times. Here is a portion of that word:

“Now is the time for the voice of the spirit to come forth. The unction out of your innermost being also is coming forth. They will begin to run from sin and run to holiness. Darkness will break from around them. Demons will run screaming at your very presence as you step out, because you are my very chosen, says the Lord. You shall be a great stronghold for my kingdom against the enemy. And I will use you to keep my little ones from straying away from me till they are developed and discipled. Disciple them well, my son, for they will be the image that I have placed in you around the world. Yes, I told you that I would raise up apostles, prophets, evangelists, and send forth teachers from you. Know that I am well pleased, says the Lord, and know that I find joy in what you are doing and will do on my behalf.”

This is something I have known was on my life since I was a child. I need your help in doing that but not at the expense of your regular tithes and offerings to your local church.

Due to the increasing requests that we receive on a regular basis from churches and ministries all over the world that have no way to fund a trip for training for their churches and area, we ask that you pray about giving a special offering for these Mission’s trips. Current requests are from Vietnam, Africa, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka just to name a few.

Many of these churches are less than a hundred people with little budget to assist in these trips. I am praying for provision and to be able to help make this happen in order to equip these churches for a greater impact in the world. A one time donation or monthly contribution would greatly assist in aiding in this impact. You could also partner with us by praying and interceding for the ministry.


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